Thoughts and Ramblings of a Infowhore

Reporting from twenty minutes in the future

2 June 1981
I used to post here but now I'm primarily posting here:

Infowhore Speaks

I will be mirroring important posts here. I will also throw the occasional pity party here when my depression gets the better of me.

This journal will remain and I will be checking on it regularly so it will remain a viable channel of communication.

I'm an infowhore. I love random facts. I like knowing "things." Which means the internet is like crack to me. I can and have spent hours crawling through random websites. Wikis can be major timesinks if I don't manage myself.

I'm a gamer. I play mostly for fun or a good story.

I like anime.

I want my flying car/jet pack/robot/cyber deck. This is not the future I was promised.

I'm transgender. MTF. Currently in transition.

I write. Bits of my writings may show up here.